starting the new year right.



happy new year!



Happy new year everyone!  I am so excited to see what the Lord has in store for everyone and myself.  This year has been QUITE the year for me!

In February I made the decision.. (for the millionth time haha) to go back to the Lord in and try to follow him.  For some reason this time was different for me.  For once, I didn’t stray.  I spent so many years going back and forth.  I never LEFT necessarily, however, I did stray rather far from time to time.  I let the guilt of my sins keep me from fully loving God.  But what I realized this year is the more I love God and the more I talk to him and try to feel him with me, the easier it is to NOT sin.  I sin, every day.  We are all sinners.  But we cannot let that stop us from praising him and worshipping him.  If God did not love us he would have never manifested himself to die for us.  He can save us.  We cannot save ourselves.

So this time I just never stopped praying and worshipping him.

My resolution for this year is to keep pushing on every day to be more and more like Jesus, to tell more and more people about him and the pure simply bliss and peace we can find in him.

I have made and instagram account and this blog for starters.

I am YEARNING for fellow ship and other Christian friends and just other people with the same beliefs to talk to.  I assume being online will help fulfill that! I hope =)